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All started one night when I was watching on the net some celebrity interviews. Voices we probably all know, people like us that offer a bit of their personal history facing a camera or a microphone.

The idea of extracting some few samples of these conversations to put them on an original music inspired me immediately. Could their words awaken your imagination like a good movie?

This musical series entitled Legendary Landscapes will present new virtual & musical collaboration. I hope you will enjoy!





Episode 1: "THE POSTCARD" with Robert Redford




About Quentin Dujardin

Composer & guitarist, Quentin Dujardin composed the soundtrack for the theatrical adaptation of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s best seller Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran. Also active in the field of film music, he worked for several French directors, Belgian and Swiss. His last work for the movie My forest by Sebastien Pins received a United Nations Award at International Forest Short Film Festival (US-2013)and was selected at Soundtrack_Cologne 10 (GER).