I'm happy to share here some of my latest discoveries. Curiosity is one of my sources of inspiration.


CYCLE EN TERRE - Fanny Lebrun (agronomist)

© (BE)

Beautiful project with Fanny Lebrun producing vegetable seeds in 100% organic farming. Great action more than necessary for healthy eating!


ART EXHIBITION - Boris Mestchersky (peintre)

© Atelier Maison de la Tour- 4500 Huy (BE)

I had the chance to visit the Russian painter, Boris Mestchersky based in Huy (Belgium). Great meeting with a strong vision on art.


DE LUMIERE ET DE VENT - Bruno Mercier (photographer)

© Galerie 14, rue du Cap - 50270 Carteret (FR)

The Normandy Coast (Cotentin-FR) is exceptionally beautiful. Bruno Mercier (photographer) is devoted to his homeland revealing amazing landscapes.


FESDIG - Festival Dilembu at Gulmu (Burkina Faso)

The Festival at Dilembu Gulmu, abbreviated "FESDIG," inspired by the harvest festival in the country Gulmantché, was born the first edition in 2004. Great philosophy and local objectives around African Art.


MAN WITH TWO CAMERAS - Johannes Pääsuke (1892-1918)

© Eesti Rahva Muuseum 2008 (Book)

Thanks to my participation in the Worldfilm Festival of Tartu (Estonia), I had the chance to discover Johannes Pääsuke, Estonian photographer-filmmaker. A rural epic during the period 1913-1914, telling beautiful stories.


FOLK SONGS Vol.1 - Bill Frisell

© Nonesuch 2010 (Album)

I was 15 years old when I discovered Bill Frisell. This compilation includes some of his most beautiful musical moments. Between folk, acoustic and groove.


BURST FORTH, MY TEARS- John Dowland (1563-1626)

© Naxos 2010 (Album)

When I was young, I played the music of John Dowland, including his famous piece Greensleeves. Here is a fantastic album including interpretations by Nigel North (lute) and Catherine King (mezzo-soprano).


A quoi rêvent les arbres quand ils dansent ? - MUS-E BELGIUM

© MUS-E Belgium 2010 (Book)

For Yehudi Menuhin, art, with its dreams, its imagination, its philosophy, prepares the child for knowledge, before the child is exposed to the strict rigours of life. The MUS-E program gives a voice to the voiceless, to uphold the indispensable role of arts in society in order to build enduring bridges among cultures.


INTERMEZZI - Les Ateliers d'Art Contemporain

© Lesaac 2011 (Album)

What a beautiful adventure between Eric Bianchin and his young guitar band (Liège-Belgium). A precious Belgian musical work with high quality sound. Don't miss their very first album Uno.


COLLAPSE - Chris Smith

© Blue Mark production 2010 (Movie)

A documentary movie about Michael Ruppert. A visionary thinking about the peak oil question and emerging global changes. This film delivers an analysis of the capitalist world and its probable end.


NEW TOWN - Denis Bruyère

© Denis Bruyère 2010 (Ebenistery)

Sometimes, music makes me discover unexpected people on the way. Denis Bruyère (cabinetmaker) is one of those guys I met few years ago. Living in Sassor (Belgium), in 2004 he started his project called New Town for an Irish collector. Absolutely fascinating.


MAMA ROSA - Brian Blade

© Universal 2009 (Album)

Brian Blade is first of all a great drummer, probably one of the most demanded on the jazz, soul, acoustic scene in US. What a surprise when I heard the voice of the man.


L'ESPRIT NOMADE - Kenneth White

© Grasset (Book)

Kenneth White is a soul adventurer. Far from any dogmatism, stranger to intellectual modes, he's a guide for the independence of the soul.


When I loved myself enough - Kim Mc Millen

© Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd 2001 (Book)

I love this poem. Ode to beauty.