Artists: Ivan Paduart (piano), Quentin Dujardin (nylon, electric & slide guitars), Bert Joris (trumpet), Olivier Ker Ourio (chromatic harmonica), Richard Bona (bass & vocals), Manu Katché (drums) -

All music composed by Ivan Paduart except #2, #6 & #8 by Quentin Dujardin

Recorded at ICP by Christine Verschorren assisted by Paul-Edouard Laurendeau

Produced by Mons records & Agua music

Photography: Valérie Nagant



Their first album released in 2005 was entitled «Vivre». It was an unexpected fusion of piano and guitar. A space where disciplines crossed frontiers in an indefinable way to give life to warm harmonies and profoundly lyrical melodies. A genuine sound was born.

Passionate about writing, Ivan Paduart & Quentin Dujardin create finely crafted lines that feature their own universes, the pianist's jazz world and the unclassifiable style of the guitarist. Their desire to further pursue this adventure now leads them to record a new album, Catharsis 10 years on. Alongside Manu Katché, Richard Bona, Olivier Ker Ourio and Bert Joris - artists that don't need introduction - they have created a work that will delight many ears.



© 2016 Mons records/Agua music/Sabam