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1. Veloma 5'25
2. Where the road divides feat.Bai Kamara Jr 3'58
3. Rangahy mitomagny 2'33
4. Hayat 4'31
5. El Gitano 6'35
6. Sur les toits d'Essaouira 6'09
7. Toliara (intro) 0'27
8. Toliara feat.Njava 4'48
9. Fanny 4'42
10. Marchin sous le soleil 5'07
11. A child's song 5'38

Music composed by Quentin Dujardin except 1 by Dujardin/Florizoone, 2 by Dujardin/Libert/Morlai Bai Kamara, 4 by Dujardin/El Allouli & 8 by Dujardin/Njava


VELOMA (Agua music-Codaex 2008)

musicians: Bai Kamara Jr. (vocals), Njava (vocals), Benaiky (vocals), Jalal El Allouli (Arabic violin), Damien Libert (bouzouki, udu, percussion), Tuur Florizoone (chromatic accordion), Pierre Malempré (trumpet), Joe Higham (bass clarinet), Dada Ravalison (marvan guitar & bass), Pata Randriamanjava (rimotsy & additional percussion), Nicolas Fiszman (bass), Arnout Hellofs (drums), Stephan Pougin (drums), Quentin Dujardin (nylon & 12 strings guitars, piano & vocals)

produced by Quentin Dujardin & Maximin Randriamanjava

recorded at Studio Caraïbes by Christine Verschorren

mixed at Msyp Studio by Maximin Randriamanjava

mastered at Sterling sound Studio by Steve Fallone


Veloma was recorded between Belgium, Madagascar & Morocco was produced in collaboration with Maximin Randriamanjava. Mastered at Sterling Sound Studio in New-York by Steve Fallone, this album confirms the free spirit characteristic of all Quentin Dujardin's work.

In the way that we've come to know him and his musical partners in crime Jalal El Allouli (violin & vocals), Damien Libert (percussion) and Tuur Florizoone (accordion), his guitar expertly negotiated unusual and unknown sounds like the natural playing of street children from different countries coming together. He uses street recordings, voices from Atlas and the bush, Malagasy guitars as well as two noteworthy guests: the Sierra Leonian singer Bai Kamara Jr. and the well known Malagasy group Njava.

Veloma demonstrates not only the seemingly limitless nature of Quentin's musical approach, but also the reflection of his philosophy of life filled with mellow groove and voyages to unknown lands.

The album is also the original soundtrack from the documentary-movie Sur le chemin (77:00) directed by Freddy Mouchard about Quentin & his way of living music.


"A real pleasure !" (Le Soir)

"The music of Quentin Dujardin is a true silence between beauty and beautiful landscapes." (Eco conscience -Freddy Simon)

"The guitarist has no limit. A generous & secret album. " (Passe partout -André Hastir)