1. Between us 6'26
2. Diane 8'31
3. Arvo 4'07
4. Le Rozel 6'17
5. Les liaisons dangereuses 7'17
6. Solo 8'09
7. Zen 3'52
8. No concession 9'02
9. Durnal sous la pluie 6'53

Music composed by Quentin Dujardin except 1, 3 & 7 by Ivan Paduart


VIVRE (Agua music-Codaex 2006)

musicians: Quentin Dujardin (guitar), Ivan Paduart (piano), Jalal El Allouli (vocals & Arabic violin), Nicolas Fiszman (bass), Fred Malempré (tapan, darbuka), Stephan Lay (cajon & percussion)

produced by Quentin Dujardin

recorded & mixed Studio Caraïbes by Christine Verschorren

mastered at Studio Caraïbes by Denis Moulin


Now is the time to live... to set down his suitcases for a few moments and intensify the art of the encounter...

After covering several thousand kilometres with his guitar, Quentin Dujardin pauses in his voyage for a moment to blend his universe with that of a jazz pianist with a gift for finesse and sensuality: Ivan Paduart.

Both of them lovers of transparent melodies and the energy of the moment, it is no surprise that their universes cross and merge between jazz and world music. No more borders, no more boxes, only the pleasure of sharing the sound, the touch and the force of their stringed instruments.


“Music that breathes freshness and raises excitement.” (La Libre Belgique - Dominique Simonet)

“A duo is dangerous insofar as it could do too much or too little. Ivan Paduart & Quentin Dujardin have circumvented this formidable obstacle.” (Le Soir magazine - Mark Danval)

“‘Vivre’ is an invitation to stop time, to savour the moment.” (La Meuse - Isabelle Debroux)

“Why was this meeting not thought of before?” (Kiosque magazine)