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Training proposed by Quentin Dujardin

360° artist, Creative and sustainable autonomy

Individual training offered by Quentin Dujardin to the non-classical & classical music sector.


After leaving the conservatory, the simple fact of not receiving a favorable response to the music I wrote led me to take my own route. To tell the truth, I had always envisioned myself as autonomous. So, I embarked on this path with the means at hand: a guitar, good musical training, a backpack for the trip and above all an incredible desire to share music. The conservatory gave me a precious and intense period to work on my instrument, but also left me in a complete vacuum regarding concrete tools for the reality of a creative profession. The Artist 360° training is born today from a desire to give you the keys to move forward with efficiency and clarity. Above all, it concerns a mutual exchange about the reality on the ground, through the vision of a musician who practices it every day.

Undoubtedly, encountering the unexpected through travel has also helped trigger a desire for autonomy that drives me, if only because it’s difficult to really travel when one is not alone, face-to-face with oneself. Thus, I traveled all those kilometers alone with the personal conviction that we each have a part of the truth, and that it is better to let it out than to flee from it forever. For me, it was about a deep need to share music. This motor has remained intact up to now, and I persevere in protecting it each passing day.

Moreover, the artist profession presents a certain dichotomy: both humanly rich, and poor due to an implacable financial logic inherent in its practice. I say “poor” because the artist is torn between sharing the beauty of art and the difficulty of selling it. This is exactly the knot I’m trying to untie with this training, because like me, you want to realize yourself in music. It's your credo and you haven't yet found the way to manage this dream.

After some years of experience, I think it is therefore time to share with you the facts about this fabulous profession, to always remain enthusiastic in the eyes of your public, professionals and your family.

If you are tempted to all the way together, this training is for you. The very idea artistic longevity goes far beyond the superficiality of mere buzz.

Quentin Dujardin - guitarist, composer & producer of the AGUA music label


The aim of this individual training is to give the musician the main keys of complete self-management, whether they are a performing artist, composer or a player. It will crystallize the issues related to practicing the profession in real life, and lead to understanding and obtaining a concrete tool: self-management.

This training requires a positive and enthusiastic vision of today’s music industry that will engage participants to generate for themselves their own autonomy to face new challenges. It will be given in the form of an interactive conference encouraging participants to question themselves about their own problems in the field.

The questions addressed by each person will cover how to develop your artistic project, and how to approach your relationship with the media. More specifically they include:

  • Why self-produce your work
  • How to manage your professional & public relationships
  • How to build an image
  • How to generate royalties
  • How to develop income via the various internet platforms
  • How to organize yourself between practicing art and day-to-day management

The individual training starts from the observation that music today is no longer only connected to a local network, but also to the rest of the world, thanks to the advent of the internet. The question is how to enter into constructive interaction with this new virtual world.

The musical artist is no longer a simple link in this chain but the chain itself. If you have sufficient mental and physical resources, you can keep pushing your creativity, further building your autonomous tool in direct relationships with your intermediaries: distributors, publishers, organizers, public, patrons, etc.

Artist 360° is the personalized training that will help you build an autonomy that is creative and sustainable.

In practice

The individual training is spread over two sessions on two mornings from 9am to 12pm. Dates are arranged according to personal request.

  • They are given in Avins-en-Condroz (Liège Province) by Quentin Dujardin.
  • The price for the entire training is €400.00 (tax included).
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  • Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to contact us.