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Find here all of Quentin Dujardin's upcoming concerts as well as his various live collaborations. Leave your screens and come discover the artist live!

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November 2023

Deux Ours
Vierset (BE)
jeu. 30/11 - 9pm
NoHo and Quentin Dujardin

December 2023

La Tricoterie
Brussels (BE)
ven. 08/12 - 8.45pm
Quentin Dujardin

January 2024

Centre culturel
Huy (BE)
sam. 06/01 - 8pm
LEVITATION with Quentin Dujardin, Gil Delogne and Erwin Vann
Jazz station
Brussels (BE)
sam. 13/01 - 6pm
Quentin Dujardin and Nicolas Fiszman
Brussels (BE)
sam. 20/01 - 5pm
Quentin Dujardin
Le Baixu
Brussels (BE)
sam. 27/01 - 8pm
Quentin Dujardin

February 2024

Théâtre Marni
Brussels (BE)
ven. 16/02 - 8.30pm
Quentin Dujardin and Olivier Ker Ourio

March 2024

Pan Piper
Paris (FR)
ven. 15/03 - 8.30pm
Quentin Dujardin and Olivier Ker Ourio
Gc den Egger
Scherpenheuvel (BE)
dim. 17/03 - 11am
Quentin Dujardin, Didier Laloy and Adrien Tyberghein

April 2024

Ferme du Biéreau
Louvain-la-neuve (BE)
sam. 13/04 - 8.30pm
Quentin Dujardin and Olivier Ker Ourio
Alter Schlachthof
Eupen (BE)
dim. 14/04 - 11am
Quentin Dujardin and Olivier Ker Ourio

May 2024

Son de la Terre
Paris (FR)
jeu. 09/05 - 9pm
and Olivier Ker Ourio
Festival Jazz dans le Bocage
Tronget (FR)
ven. 10/05 - 8pm
Quentin Dujardin, Olivier Ker Ourio, Boris Schmidt and Manu Katché
Villers Abbey
Villers-la-Ville (BE)
dim. 19/05 - 7pm
Quentin Dujardin and Ilios Kotsou

June 2024

Tournai Jazz Festival
Tournai (BE)
ven. 28/06 - 8pm
Quentin Dujardin, Didier Laloy, Nicolas Fiszman and Manu Katché

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