AGUA sessions #01

AGUA music 2020

  • Artists:
    Quentin Dujardin (nylon & fretless guitars), Didier Laloy (diatonic accordion), Nicolas Fiszman (electric bass) & Manu Katché (drums)
  • Music composed and produced by:
    Quentin Dujardin
  • Recording:
    ICP studio | Christine Verschorren assisted by Thibault Dupont & Seth Taylor
  • Mixing:
    Quentin Dujardin | AGUA music studio
  • Mastering:
    Pieter De Wagter | EQuus studio
  • Publishing:
    AGUA music
  • Photo:
    Bruno Mercier


This EP album presents four live studio versions alongside Manu Katché, Nicolas Fiszman and Didier Laloy.

Find also this very first edition of AGUA sessions on Youtube.

A year has passed since the release of Quentin Dujardin & Didier Laloy‘s first studio album entitled Water & Fire, and the recording of AGUA sessions #01, in October 2020 at the famous ICP Studios in Brussels. There has been plenty of time for the artists to present about fifty concerts, experience two very refreshing confinements, and internalize this long imposed silence.

In a logical continuation of their adventure, they wanted to push their imaginary film a bit further. This time they are backed by another startling duo: Nicolas Fiszman and Manu Katché – a probably mythical rhythm section, according to their respective CVs – with an energy that is fluid, while intense in its execution and in the power of its natural groove.

Blues for M&N is a tribute to this drummer and bassist who nurtured much of the guitarist’s adolescence. Note the drum solo that beautifully closes this soaring version.

Val de Gore, on the other hand, maintains the folk quality of the accordion riffs and of the flamenco character throughout the guitar playing, to create a universe between mastery and freedom.

The desire to offer the public a reworking of the two pieces Baroque and Avril was too strong to resist. The first one highlights the sparkling bowing of Adrien Tyberghein, invited for the occasion, an unexpected and final cross between acoustic and electric.

Avril heralds the upcoming release of a real studio album to follow in the wake of this AGUA sessions #01 disc. In an original approach, the new version of Avril provides the opportunity to have an onstage experience of the recently postponed tour of this quartet formula. It also celebrates the 20th anniversary of the AGUA music label in 2020.

All the filmed sessions of this live studio album were directed by Antoine Lanckmans.

Sheet music available