La Fontaine de Gore

AGUA music 2002

  • Artists:
    Quentin Dujardin (classical guitar) & Diederik Wissels (piano)
  • Music composed and produced by:
    Quentin Dujardin
  • Recording:
    Pascale Snoeck | Studio Elle Alain Hannart | Studio 3J30 RTBF
  • Mixing:
    Pascale Snoeck | Studio Elle
  • Mastering:
    Manuel Mohino
  • Publishing:
    AGUA music
  • Photo:
    Jacky Lepage


La Fontaine de Gore, named after the street where Quentin Dujardin grew up, is the very first solo album by the Belgian guitarist. Accompanied by Diederik Wissels on the piano (La Fontaine de Gore), this album gives us a colorful first approach to strong melodies and his love for jazz.

A beautiful introduction to the world of the guitarist and his sense of lyricism.

Sheet music available