Le silence des saisons

AGUA music 2014

  • Artists:
    Quentin Dujardin (nylon, fretless, acoustic, barytone, slide, 12 strings & electric guitars, ukulele, mandoline, bass, piano, hammond organ, percussion & effects), Olivier Hernandez (chromatic harmonica ), Julie Mondor (cello & tubes), Nicolas Stevens (violin), Fred Malempré (additional percussion)& Ialma (vocals)
  • Music composed and produced by:
    Quentin Dujardin
  • Recording and mixing:
    AGUA music studio | Quentin Dujardin
  • Additional recordings:
    Dada Studio | Christine Verschorren
  • Mastering:
    EQuus studio | Pieter De Wagter
  • Publishing:
    AGUA music


Has Quentin Dujardin again left us a lasting trace along the path, an invigorating yet soothing sensation? Upon first listen, this is certainly the atmosphere of a great musical moment that seems to emerge from the new album, titled Le Silence des Saisons.

Strengthened by his experience as a composer for film and television – the title of the same name was selected by the prestigious SoundTrack_Cologne 10 Festival (Germany) – the artist has embarked with confidence on his new guitar adventure. The boundary remains thin between what today are still called world music, jazz, classical or film music. And it is exactly on this line that the artist finds himself. He follows no fashion, resisting the discipline of any musical genre. What counts is the instinct for beautiful music as he continues to share ever further the sounds of his guitar, reaching an audience that can only grow.

In this way Quentin Dujardin continually reinvents his musical universe, in order to render into sound an experience we all live: the omnipresence of the relationship between humankind and nature. A theme that should not be seen as a cliché, but more on the order of sacred. Le Silence des Saisons speaks to us with simplicity of this daily inspiration, of which the artist makes full use to construct his melodies and develop his arrangements. Silence, too, demands a presence.

Beautiful collaboration enriches this new production. It is heard in the masterful soaring on Compostela, with the Galiciennes de Ialma marvellously lending their voices to the guitars. There is also the discreet but indispensable presence of Olivier Hernandez, who plays harmonica with finesse and lyricism on Renaissance. In addition, the guitarist revisits the purity of the solo (Marc & Farouk) and his slide guitar (Green River & Dany on the road), echoing the previous albums, Impressionniste (AGUA music-2010) & Distances (AGUA music/Songtone 2012). And note The postcard, which inaugurates the first episode of the virtual series Legendary Landscapes with the voice of Robert Redford.

Quentin Dujardin continues along his path with regularity and innovation, further contributing to the musical edifice of unclassifiable artists, much to the satisfaction of his audience.

Discover now the clip Baritone directed by Antoine Lanckmans with Baptiste Moulart.

Le Silence des saisons by Quentin Dujardin

I like slow things. Breathing in the forest air, the sound of a river. Really whatever remains of the sacred in this fast-paced time. Faith has never left me, like my guitar, which with time seems to resemble an old tree that fills my soul when I touch it. I love to put it down in order to come back to it again, like this immutable thing that lives within us: life.

Strings, and even more, strings tightened for a sound, a vibration to transmit. It’s definitely the thing that will remain at my side: a nostalgic feeling inside me since my childhood. A natural melancholy. A body-rhythm of one’s own. Melodies in the head and a solitary way of working. A refuge.

Telling oneself stories and wondering if they resonate outside. Hours passed seeking the light in the sound to create emotion and awaken the tiniest part deep within each of us. Something that doesn’t belong to the organised mass, but rather to the internal chaos that we all contain.

It’s a strange feeling to make guitar records over time… certainly the word « soundtrack » seems to me with hindsight to be the most suitable for what comes out of me. It suggests images to the listener that evoke free spaces to imagine. It is fascinating work to manipulate this magic of silence. “

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