Monsieur Ibrahim

AGUA music 2005

  • Artists:
    Quentin Dujardin (classical, slide, acoustic, 12 strings guitars, piano, bass, additional percussion & programming), Jalal El Allouli (vocals & violin), Olivier Hernandez (harmonica), Damien Libert (udu, percussion & nylon guitar), Maximim Randriamanjava (bass), Pata Randriamanjava (additional percussion& rimotsy), Stephan Pougin (bodhran), Didier Laloy (diatonic accordion ) Strings section: Antoine Maisonhaute (1st violin), Margaret Hermant (2nd violin), Pierre Heneaux (alto), Merryl Havard (cello), Vincent Noiret (double bass)
  • Music composed, arranged and produced by :
    Quentin Dujardin
  • Recording and mixing:
    Maximin Randriamanjava | Msyp studio
  • Mastering:
    Pieter Dewagter | Studio EQuus
  • Publishing:
    AGUA music
  • Photo:
    Quentin Dujardin


Original soundtrack for the theatrical adaptation of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s novel Monsieur Ibrahim & les fleurs du Coran.


Paris in the 1960s. Thirteen-year-old Moses lives in the shadow of his less-than loving father. When he’s caught stealing from wise old shopkeeper Monsieur Ibrahim, his discovers an unlikely friend and a whole new world. Together they embark on a journey that takes them from the streets of Paris to the whirling dervishes of the Golden Crescent.


Directed by Olivier Massart
Actor : Michel Kacenelenbogen

Sheet music available

  • Monsieur Ibrahim (introduction) | Monsieur Ibrahim