Gc den Egger

MARCH 17, 2024 – 11am – Scherpenheuvel(BE)


After completing a number of personal projects, and with growing international experience, Quentin Dujardin & Didier Laloy decided to write music together for an album that would truly reflect them. The two artists remain unclassifiable: their music and original approach are at the edge of jazz, classical, world, traditional and film music. They have been waiting to get together for a long time. A dialogue between water and fire.

Together with Adrien Tyberghein (double bass), they play the music from their album Water & Fire.

« A musical world with great beauty, which flirts between minimalism and virtuosity. To discover!  » Manu Katché

« Beyond the writing, the arrangements and the live performance, the emotion is there for this shared moment. A free & solar music.” Jazz Magazine (FR) ****