Water and Fire

AGUA music 2019

  • Artists:
    Quentin Dujardin (classical guitar & percussion), Didier Laloy (diatonic accordion) & Adrien Tyberghein (double bass)
  • Music composed by:
    Quentin Dujardin & Didier Laloy
  • Produced:
    Quentin Dujardin
  • Recording and mixing:
    AGUA music studio | Quentin Dujardin
  • Mastering:
    EQuus studio | Pieter De Wagter
  • Publishing:
    AGUA music
  • Photos:
    Zoubeir Ben Hmouda & Jean Mahaux


After completing a number of personal projects, and with growing international experience, Quentin Dujardin & Didier Laloy decided to write music together for an album that would truly reflect them. The two artists remain unclassifiable: their music and original approach are at the edge of jazz, classical, world, traditional and film music. They have been waiting to get together for a long time. A dialogue between water and fire.

Thus, over the course of several writing residencies at the AGUA music studio in Condroz, Belgium, Water & Fire was composed. It was an intense musical moment, where space and time stopped for an instant to grant the adventure of shared writing.

Two seemingly opposite musical temperaments seek a middle ground between hot and cold. Taking a risk they have combined two different conceptions of musical form and thought, a shock between Romanesque and Baroque. This richness gave birth to beautifully melodic songs (Avril and Les Avins sous les étoiles), and lively compositions (Storm and Alma). Their eloquence binding with intensity, the two artists complement each other wonderfully. In this way they reveal, for our greatest pleasure, a sound sensation with emotions that both burn and freeze.

Note also the presence of a young contrabassist from the Opéra National de Paris, Adrien Tyberghein. The sparkle of his bow revives a classic universe clearly far removed from historical dustiness (Baroque and Mai). Moreover, he has an intense personality which has provoked this unexpected intersection. Already, the delicacy and strength of his playing make him an artist to follow closely. Finally, it is always exceptional to highlight the presence of bassist Nicolas Fiszman (Austin). Tirelessly generous and remarkable, his path definitely marks the world of Quentin Dujardin. The final brushstroke on this painting comes from the haunting voice of NoHo (Sister soul), leaving a sweet end to the album. A return to silence that will never be the same after listening. The slow, folky voice with a simply beautiful, warm tone definitely brings the duo together.

In the discography of these two leading artists, it is certain that this disc will remain a return to their sources. On the subject they say: « We believe in this perpetual movement of creation. What a huge joy to share our music! The important thing is the personal enrichment and the freedom that we each take away from our risk-taking. This project is a magnificent one. »

Sheet music available