AGUA music 2024

  • Artists:
    Quentin Dujardin ( nylon, baryton & slide guitars) & Olivier Ker Ourio (chromatic harmonica) | special guest: David Linx (vocal)
  • Music composed by:
    Quentin Dujardin except #04 & #06 by Olivier Ker Ourio, #01 by Charles Mingus, #07 by David Linx & Quentin Dujardin
  • Recording:
    Rémi Bourcereau | Studio la Menuiserie (FR) & Quentin Dujardin | Studio AGUA music (BE)
  • Mixing:
    Rémi Bourcereau | Studio la Menuiserie (FR)
  • Mastering:
    Thomas Vingtrinier | Studio Sequenza (FR)
  • Photo:
    Orbon Alija


The word ‘serendipity’ entered the French language very recently. Its broad definition is the gift of making fruitful discoveries by chance, providing a form of understanding around the unexpected.

Olivier Ker Ourio and Quentin Dujardin met in 2016 during a recording session with Richard Bona, Manu Katché and Ivan Paduart. A shared feeling for melody led them to this obvious fact: they would one day make a record together documenting the intensity of the original sound that they sensed. Since this happy encounter, time has done its work around their respective musical approaches: jazz for the harmonica player, crossover for the guitarist.

Open this album with great fanfare is an astonishing cover of the famous jazz standard by Charles Mingus, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat. It sets the opening scene: a sound universe filled with bright and warm colors. Olivier Ker Ourio remains close to his native country, Reunion, and the rocky reminiscences in the blues that it carries. Quentin Dujardin, for his part, transports us with freshness to an almost Malian groove topped with slide guitars.

To their great astonishment, a single day in the studio was enough to record the intensity of this moment, posed between softness (Eva) and slow tempo (Serendipity). The expert work of sound engineer Rémi Bourcereau marvelously reveals this diversity of dialogue, oscillating between flamenco (Song for Paco), classical (Ave Maria) and even blues (Blues for M&N). Furthermore, their common island imagination is never far away. You just need to listen to Madagascar.

Let’s also note the nod to Toots Thielemans in a new version of Quentin’s composition En t’attendant, originally recorded with him in 2010 for the album Impressionniste. Olivier Ker Ourio gives us a very personal and magnificently inspired version.

To conclude this voyage, David Linx is the guest of choice for a moment suspended around the song Shy Away.

This record crosses an ocean of blue notes, alternating between calm and stormy seas. The waves carry us from one port to another. A journey towards immense spaces, thanks to the benevolence of chance: serendipity.


« Olivier Ker Ourio & Quentin Dujardin, chance does things well. Brilliant original version of the famous Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus! »France Musique (FR)

« The two artists dynamite the guitar-harmonica dialogue for a journey beyond the blue note. » Jazz News (FR)

« A hypnotizing and soothing record, almost mystical, rich in invisible colors, and magnified by an exemplary sensitivity. »Jazz Magazine (FR)

« The time has come… and the chemistry is there. »RTBF (BE)

“These two artists have in common a love of melody as evidenced by this magnificent ‘En t’attendant’ that Quentin Dujardin recorded in 2010 with the great harmonica player Toots Thielemans, whose main heir is Olivier Ker Ourio. »France Info (FR)

“A harmonica, a guitar, and a multitude of emotions! Listen to their intense, western-style version of Charles Mingus’ masterpiece, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” TSF Jazz (FR)

« A colorful, inspired, warm, intense and diverse album. »Le Soir (BE)

« A real jewel »L’Avenir (BE)

« This time, this fantastic guitarist is associated with the Reunion harmonica player Olivier Ker Ourio. Groove and melodies are there! »Jazz Mania (BE)

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