Complete discography

Find here the complete discography of the guitarist: personal albums, studio/live collaborations & film soundtracks.


Albums | 03/02/2023

2020 will certainly turn out to have been the busiest year of Quentin Dujardin's career. More than a journey, it has been a experience carried out at the frontier of our freedom to continually remain creative and alive. Discover now this album alongside Didier Laloy, Nicolas Fiszman & Manu Katché.

2020 LIVE

Albums | 07/11/2022

Quentin Dujardin returns to us with his very first live album, the result of a long collaboration with his stage partners: Didier Laloy, Boris Schmidt & Manu Katché.

Resonance ° The Ardent City

Special projects | 01/11/2022

Discover La Cité Ardente by Resonance & Quentin Dujardin. A film & an original soundtrack composed with the countertenor, Samuel Cattiau.


Singles | 28/10/2022

Discover now the new collaboration between Matthieu Saglio and Quentin Dujardin.


Singles | 14/10/2022

Discover Buffalo, the single of the month!


Singles | 30/09/2022

Listen to Vivace, the single of the month!


Singles | 16/09/2022

Listen to the very first meeting between Matthieu Saglio & Quentin Dujardin


Singles | 12/08/2022

Discover August, the single of this month!

Golden stream

Singles | 10/06/2022

Discover Golden stream, the single of the month!


Soundtracks | 12/11/2021

The original soundtrack of the movie Paradisiac received 11 awards worldwide, including Best Composer at Toronto Independent Film Festival (CAN) & Nederland International Film Festival (US).

Ave Maria

Singles | 09/04/2021

While the guitarist began the interpretation of his Ave Maria during confinement, he was arrested by the Police on Sunday February 14, 2021 in the Church of Crupet (BE).

AGUA sessions #01

Albums | 06/11/2020

This EP album presents four live studio versions alongside Manu Katché, Nicolas Fiszman, Didier Laloy & Adrien Tyberghein.

White rainbow

Singles | 09/10/2020

Discover White Rainbow, the single of the month!

Water and Fire

Albums | 11/10/2019

Quentin Dujardin & Didier Laloy decided to write music together. A dialogue between water and fire.

Illuminations ° Resonance

Special projects | 12/10/2018

Resonance shines a light on our heritage - our cultural and artistic legacy as 21st century musicians. Recorded at the Abbaye de Noirlac (FR), Illuminations continues the research begun since the first work Resonance.


Albums | 04/11/2017

With Catharsis, Ivan Paduart and Quentin Dujardin have once again succeeded in the high art of reaching and stimulating both the heart and mind! A great studio performance alongside Richard Bona & Manu Katché, among others...


Special projects | 11/11/2016

This musical project highlights our heritage - our cultural and artistic legacies as musicians of the 21st century. Resonance is the beautiful meeting between the countertenor, Samuel Cattiau & Quentin Dujardin.

Camiño ° Ialma

Special projects | 13/11/2015

Quentin Dujardin signs the production of Camiño: a sparkling return for the four charming Galician singers of Ialma.

My forest

Soundtracks | 07/11/2014

Quentin Dujardin composes the soundtrack of the film Ma Forêt. The short film won more than 10 awards around the world.

Les coulisses suisses de la guerre d°Algérie

Soundtracks | 08/11/2013

With the opening of the archives, the researchers revealed the essential role that Switzerland played behind the scenes in the resolution of this conflict between France and the Algerian people. An original soundtrack composed & arranged by Quentin Dujardin.