Complete discography

Find here the complete discography of the guitarist: personal albums, studio/live collaborations & film soundtracks.


Special projects | 11/11/2016

This musical project highlights our heritage - our cultural and artistic legacies as musicians of the 21st century. Resonance is the beautiful meeting between the countertenor, Samuel Cattiau & Quentin Dujardin.

Camiño ° Ialma

Special projects | 13/11/2015

Quentin Dujardin signs the production of Camiño: a sparkling return for the four charming Galician singers of Ialma.

My forest

Soundtracks | 07/11/2014

Quentin Dujardin composes the soundtrack of the film Ma Forêt. The short film won more than 10 awards around the world.

Les coulisses suisses de la guerre d°Algérie

Soundtracks | 08/11/2013

With the opening of the archives, the researchers revealed the essential role that Switzerland played behind the scenes in the resolution of this conflict between France and the Algerian people. An original soundtrack composed & arranged by Quentin Dujardin.

Papa Rosa

Singles | 14/11/2012

Discover Papa Rosa, the single from the album Distances.

Le silence des saisons

Albums | 08/11/2012

Quentin Dujardin continually reinvents his musical universe, in order to render into sound an experience we all live: the omnipresence of the relationship between humankind and nature.


Albums | 12/10/2012

The artistic production of the American Lee Townsend (Bill Frisell) reveals Dujardin’s sonic universe with extraordinary finesse and intelligence. This album contains the hit "1977" widely broadcast on American radios

Aigabani ° Kalaban Coura

Special projects | 11/11/2011

The meeting of 2 guitars, a voice from Bamako and a violin from the Moroccan desert are the ingredients of Kalaban Coura. This production by Lee Townsend was ranked among the 10 best blues albums of the year by the World Music Charts.


Albums | 12/11/2010

Impressionniste is without a doubt the most stripped-down and "guitar" disc he has recorded to date. Probably the most melodic album ever released alongside Toots Thielemans.

Brunoise ° Volume 2

Special projects | 08/10/2010

This Volume 2 by Brunoise (hang music) swings between groove & ambient music. Nicolas Pirillo's perpetual movement combines power and subtlety. A production by Quentin Dujardin.


Albums | 07/11/2008

Recorded between Belgium, Madagascar, Morocco & US, Veloma presents Quentin's musical approach: a philosophy of life filled with mellow groove and voyages to unknown lands. A production in collaboration with Maximin Randriamanjava.

Brunoise ° Volume 1

Special projects | 07/11/2008

Nicolas Pirillo (ARG) is developing an original sound with his hang. His meeting with Quentin Dujardin in the streets of Granada gives birth to Brunoise.


Albums | 13/10/2006

After covering several thousand kilometres with his guitar, Quentin Dujardin pauses in his voyage for a moment to blend his universe with that of a jazz pianist with a gift for finesse and melodies : Ivan Paduart.

Monsieur Ibrahim

Soundtracks | 11/11/2005

Original soundtrack for the theatrical adaptation of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s novel Monsieur Ibrahim & les fleurs du Coran.


Albums | 12/11/2004

Revealed during his studio performance for Le Monde est un Village (RTBF/Virgin 2003 compilation), Quentin Dujardin captivates with his rich sound palette and the sensuality of his guitar compositions.

Durnal sous la pluie

Singles | 02/07/2004

Discover Durnal sous la pluie, the single from the album Khamis.

La Fontaine de Gore

Albums | 08/11/2002

La Fontaine de Gore, named after the street where Quentin Dujardin grew up, is the very first solo album by the Belgian guitarist. Accompanied by Diederik Wissels on the piano, this album is a beautiful introduction to the world of the guitarist and his sense of lyricism.